Friday, 19 March 2010

Visit the bridge

On the Bridge 2nd Officer Sobers is checking the planned route to Lisbon. We want to get there as early as possible and at the same time use as little fuel as possible. To achieve this Captain Arnvid Hansen has taken weather and sea conditions into consideration when planning the route. He has sailed this distance many times before and is familiar with the area.

Betita and Johnny from Housekeeping are also on the bridge today. They are cleaning every corner of the bridge, floor, walls and roof.

The Captain is in his office answering emails and planning the upcoming Europe cruise. Outside it is around 40 degrees Celsius. So it is totally understandable that the Captain has put away his uniform and found his Hawaii shirt.

Now we are all very excited about the darts final that will take place in the gym tonight. Let`s see if the favorite from yesterday AB Wyne can win tonight.