Saturday, 11 June 2011

Ilulissat - the place with icebergs

… and now we know why it is called like that. When we looked out in morning, we were surrounded by icebergs, countless and of more than thousands of different shapes. The Disko Bay is a terrific ice world, full of magic and myth. And today was a special day with sunshine and a beautiful blue sky.

The first boat trips to the icefjord started at 9.30 am and lasted 2 ½ hours. All our guests were happy and returned with a special smile on their faces. And so it was the next four boats, all the people were very glad and this trip was really one of the highlights, or maybe the highlight of our cruising.

Most of us made the hike to the icefjord. It was hypnotizing to sit on the rocks and simply stare at the ice.

Ilulissat is the tourist capitol of Greenland. If you had not already found a souvenir, you would certainly find it here. Ilulissat has gotten several nice boutiques with beautiful Greenlandic handicraft.

The day ended with the fabulous and very entertaining cruise-show, which was big success!