Wednesday 28 September 2011

In Dublin's fair city, where the maid's are so pretty .....

The statue of Molly Malone set between Grafton Street and Trinity College features in any tour of Dublin centre. But at this time of year no one could have expected the beautiful weather conditions of today.

Passengers also scattered in different directions out of the city taking in the coastal scenery, and the gardens of the Powerscourt Estate, considered the finest in Ireland. Though still standing, some years ago a huge fire reduced the house to a shadow of its former self, but that loss is forgotten in the glory of the grounds.

Bernie's whiskies tonight were from the Bruichladdich which produces Islay's mildest. The distillery was mothballed between 1991 and 2000, then re-opened under the leadership of the most famous master distiller in Scotland - Jim McEwan.