Wednesday, 28 March 2012

And the winner is....

Certificate day! One might think of graduation & examinations, sweat, studying hard until late at night, maybe some fear.... And yes, that was us! It was not only one certificate that was given out today. Oh no, there were quite plenty and our show master Bong as well as Judge "Arild Baba from Hollywood" (also known during normal sailings as Captain Arild HÃ¥rvik) had lots to do.

Of course- do not forget the equator baptism! It seems like a long time ago- but all of the ones receiving the certificate today will make sure they never ever forget it when they go on board a ship! One of the ones that does not have to fear this anymore is Jan who is part of a team of Polish workers that are here on board with us right now: congradulations!

Jan from Poland- holding tight his baptism certificate!

Blas- and his well deserved bathroom scale

And then there was the weight competition: how much extra weight did we have on board? How much have we measured with bathroom scales/ hand-hold kitchen scales during the first days of the crossing? And only Blas got it "nearly" right": He guessed 137.5 tonnes- and was the closest to the actual weight of 144 tonnes! Well done!!! And what did he get for his first price? Of course, what would fit better than.... a bathroom scale...

Now, after fighting firce competition, many sleepless nights and tactical strategy planning... it was time for the announcement of the winner of the Olympic Games here on board Fram! During the past years, the deck/expedition team usually took the price home! But we have to give it to the fantastic Galley crew- you really, truly deserve this years first price!!! Not only was it great team work you showed, but also great singing, clapping, cheering skills! Of course, they are the team with the biggest picture here in the collage.

And the winner of the Olympic Games is... THE GALLEY TEAM!
(Picture left buttom)

But most importantly- we all had fun!