Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Burgebukta, Hornsund and whales

 Today we reached Hornsund, a beautiful fjord system on the south west corner of Spitsbergen. This is the place where Wanny Wolstad overwintered for five years as a trapper. Our destination was Burgebukta, a bay on the north side of Hornsund. We were a little bit delayed due to ice conditions, but the weather was very nice, with high clouds, no winds and five  degrees Celsius. 

16 passengers including two of the expedition team members went glacier hiking on Burgebreen, and we had a good time watching the different ice formations on the glaciers. 

There was a lot of activities this morning, so we also had groups who went kayaking, and two groups who went cruising in Hornsund with the big polar circle boats.

After a long and nice landing in Burgebukta we went cruising with Fram in Hornsund, and the raw mountains and glacier fronts gave us a magnificent view. In the evening it was time for our famous crew show in the panorama lounge, and we also had a passenger who performed a lovely song for us. We had some great musical experiences as well as dancing performances, and from time to time it was interrupted by whale sightings on the sea.