Saturday, 16 May 2009


The visit to this remote island is for sure one of the highlights of this trip. The clouds from early morning passed over the hours, so we got an nice view of the islands. There were several excursions to join, whisky-friends visited the Highland-Park destillery while most people went to the world-famous stone-age village of Skara Brae which was really a sight to see. It is absolute unique to have this authentic view into kitchen, living- and bedroom of the orkney-people 5000 years ago.

In the afternoon we tried a landing on the opposite side of the fjord, but the wind was to strong to use the polar-circle-boats, and so we returned to Kirkwall and everybody had a good chance to walk through the town and visit the St.-Magnus-Cathedral or some other nice buildings, as the Earls palace from 1600.