Tuesday, 26 May 2009


On a chilly morning everybody goes ashore with a full set of options: The Museum does not only show a nice selection of Inuit handicraft (real qajaqs, real anoraqs) but also the "red room" and the "blue room", where famous people like Charles E. Lindbergh and Knud Rasmussen stayed. The "Stone and Man" project was founded in 1993, when Greenlands most famous artist, Aka Høegh, assembled 18 sculpturers from many countries to carve their impressions into the surrounding rocks. The guided walk takes you nearly through the whole village, which is literally full of artwork. Those with a rather culinary approach to the Greenlandic culture could try their courage on whale steak and seal blubber, but also various typical fish dishes. Speaking of seal: The afternoon offered a tour through Great Greenlands tannery, where around 120.000 sealskins are treated annually. After an eventful day we leave the pier for Quassiarsuk.