Friday, 29 May 2009


We must have done something right - the sun literally wakes us up in the Narsaq Sound, where - for a change - we can go to pier. Now we split into groups again: Those who like a good hike are brought into the wide valley, at the end of which sits a very famous mountain, the Kvanefell. It is the world's only source of the beautiful gemstone Tugtupite. Of course everybody wants to find a piece of it, but this remains only a hope, since the outcrops are well hidden to the untrained eye. A lovely morning nonetheless.
Other activities take us to Narsaq Point, permitting splendid views into the bay, or to the long-ago crumbled ruins of an old Norsen settlement. Greenlandic handicraft and knitwear can be found at the school, where we are invited to a bazaar-like event with music and barbecued ox. Without having seen clouds for a whole day we sail out towards the open sea to make our way towards Ivittuut.