Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Morning mist covers the Fjord as we drop anchor at Qassiarsuk, the famous Viking settlement where Erik the Red resided in the year 1000. As soon as the tender deck is open the two excursion boats go alongside to pick the passengers up for the ride to the Qooroq icefjord, which sheds huge amounts of ice into the area. After only a couple of minutes we have to nudge our way through the drift ice, constantly seeking out a path through the frozen maze.
Finally, we have to stop and turn around: The Glacier has pushed all the floes together, building a nicely consolidated carpet of ice. But it was a faszinating boat ride nonetheless.
Back in Qassiarsuk, Polar Cirkel Boats are waiting to bring us ahore (after lunch, of course), where everybody can choose between a historical settlement walk with lots of information on the Viking Era, or a scenic hike into the unbelievably pittoresque neighbouring Fjord under immaculate blue skies. Whatever the choice may be - at dinner time everybody comes to the conclusion: What-a-day!