Sunday, 31 May 2009


The Danish name for Nuuk is Gondthåb - good hope. Whoever had hoped for sunny weather did so in vain, but at least the rain stopped before we went to pier. We can really feel now that we are going North, the snow reaching down straight to the sea level.
After all these remote places, the capital of Greenland is certainly different: There are busses and roundabouts and traffic lights, people with shopping bags and cigarette butts in the streets. Well - a city is a city. But then again, there are book stores and classical music presentations and good shops and nice Bistros and Brasseries and, and, and... Again - a city is a city. So everybody had the chance to go out on a stroll, get souvenirs or take a boat ride to Nuuk Fjord.
Now we are heading on for Sisimiut over night. And if nature wants to welcome us back we see a number of humpback whales pretty close to the ship.
Those who follow our trip on the map will notice a dashed line in our way - the Polar Circle. We will cross it around six in the morning. So from tomorrow on we are really Polar Travellers...