Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The first day in paradise

The morning started like the evening ended, again fog but above the thin layer of clouds you could see the sunshine. And when we approached the harbor of Paamiut the sun shined. It was exciting to get off the ship after three sea days. The colorful houses and the beautiful church right in the middle of the old town looked beautiful and invited us inside for visits. We enjoyed the view from a little tower on the hill, admired the church, which is built in the style of a Norwegian stab church.

The people of Paamiut had only been given notice one day ahead of our visit to the. So with that in mind it was amazing how much they were able to arrange for our stay in the town. All the shops or places of interest had gotten a little paper sign stating what could be seen inside, in Danish, English, Greenlandic and German. In the community house some of the women in town had put up small tables showing their skills in how to make products and clothes from sealskin and pearls. The town choir had a beautiful concert in the church and most of them had put on their national costumes.

Everywhere in town we were greeted by smiling faces and as much as we enjoyed our visit in town we also were a spectacle for the people of Paamiut as they do not normally receive visits by cruise ships. We were the first and probably the last ship this summer to visit Paamiut.