Saturday, 4 June 2011

Water, water, water.

When we left the Faroese Islands yesterday the sea greeted us with its roaring white teeth and fairly high waves. During the night the wind reached 10 on the Beaufort scale, but when we woke up in the morning it was just slightly quieter.

On sea days our lectures are busy preparing and doing their lectures. This day we learned of the old Nordic gods, which religion is actually very closely related to the one of the ancient Greece and Rome with their stories of hero and villains. Or one could attend a humorous lecture about Iceland and the Icelanders. The third lecture was about Iceland today after the financial crash. Our lecture rooms are of course also equipped with projectors and dvdplayers so they function as cinemas. The first movie was an introduction to Iceland and the other one was about the Humpback whale. We have now entered the real North Atlantic waters and whales should with a bit of luck start to greet us.

In the afternoon our bartenders in the Panorama Lounge lured us with freshly made waffles. Either with the Norwegian goat’s cheese or you could choose to have the delicious and dangerously addicting waffles with cream, jam, chocolate, syrup or just sugar.

Luckily the wind did calm down during the day and in the end of the day we were all gently being lulled to sleep after having had the first glimpse of the Icelandic shores in the distance and a wonderful evening. Some crew members entertained us with a wonderful medley of Pop, Latin and Rock, performed by Alexander, Lyn, Marvin, Peter Ryan and Ralf.