Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Photo Essay of Today

I strolled out on deck at 07:30.  It was a gorgeous day.  The sun was shining. Northern Fulmars glided effortlessly over the sea.  Occasionally a seal popped up and then dived again almost immediately. There was an Arctic edge to the cool freshness off the air. The Arctic.  We were now well above the Arctic Circle and headed for a full day in Sisimiut.
There were lots of things for people to do upon our arrival in Sismiut. There were multiple historic hikes to Tele Island, several excursions by boat to the ghost town of Assaqutaq, a museum to visit and on a beautiful day like today it was fine just to stroll about town on your own.

Some of the photos of today include a lot of small fish which are called Ammassat in Greenland (you might know them as Capelin). This is the time when Ammassat are spawning in huge numbers. They seek out sandy shallow areas and come right up onto beaches during spawning season. The small fish are then easily collected in nets. In these photos someone has put the Ammassat on rocks to dry.
Our day in Sismiut ended with a really terrific demonstration of kayaking skills by a local Greenlandic gentleman.