Friday, 10 June 2011

Nuuk York...

Compared to the rest of the towns and settlements in Greenland, Nuuk is very different. The young people in Nuuk like to refer to the town as Nuuk York!

And it was surprising that a town of some 16.000 inhabitants could bring such an atmosphere of being a big little city.

This must be due to the fact that Nuuk is the capitol of Greenland and thereby have most of the facilities one expects to find in a capitol.

We arrived quite early and the first buses started the trips to town. The city sightseeing tour was exciting especially the stops at swimming hall, which looks like a wave and that is the meaning of its name, Malik. Nuuk is a big city and keeps on growing. Down town some of the old residential blocks from the 1960s will disappear the next years. The final stop was at the National museum which most of us visited. But one of the nicest things to do was shopping, because in Nuuk are a lot of fine shops and cafes.

Others went on a boat trip into the Nuuk fiord, where some were lucky seeing some whales.

It was real interesting day and final ending was the amazing ice and fruit carving by members of the kitchen in the Observation Lounge.