Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Fog, fog, fog…

Yes, at this blog we like to use the same three words when we have had an experience that has filled a lot of the day. And we must say that the fog was somewhat present all day.

All through the night Fram more or less bumped her way through the huge amount of ice. We were all night on our way and our fine ship stood her test and definitely proved that she is ice proven and worthy of being certified to sail the Arctic and Antarctic seas!

But despite of the hard work of the ship and of our captain and officers on MS Fram, we were so delayed by the ice that we had to give up going to Qaqortoq. Later in the day we also had to give up going to Qassiarsuk as we could get stuck in the fiord if the ice would close the mouth of the fiord.

Besides listening to the various lectures, time was also spent at the little cafeteria or the panorama lounge, where some played cards, others backgammon or maybe just reading a book or making new friends onboard the ship.

And again two interesting lectures about Greenland, whales and as a surprise a movie about ice. In the evening we heard about our next destination, the town Paamiut, which we would reach at noon the next day. The last highlight of the day was the Chilean buffet and a dancing night in the fog.