Sunday, 23 June 2013

A small step for a man...

...and you are in Greenland!
After a splendid approach over the Søndre Strømfjord, second largest Fjord in the world the Airbus of Greenland Air touched down on the former military runway of Kangerlussuaq.
And then it meant putting the foot on Greenlandic - tarmac. But just moments later, since there are no immigration formalities to be done, we step out into a bright sunny day, get on the old charming busses that bring us to the pier. Already these first 14 kilometers give an impression of what awaits: A wilderness of uncompelled beauty. The rocks may be barren, but they are smooth, showing traces of glacier polish, the colors are mild but distinct, the land is wide but inviting. Greenland.
From the pier it is only a short shuttle ride in the Polar Cirkel  Boats until we reach MV FRAM, which is gently rocking in the turquoise waters of the Fjord.
Now it's time to settle in, check-in, moving into the cabin, getting acquainted with the ship, first dinner, receiving of the luggage (which arrives by barge), and the welcome cocktail on deck 7, where captain Benny Didriksen extends his welcome to the very international crowd, before officers and Expedition Team are presented .
It was a looooong day for everybody, so we keep all this as short as possible.
From tomorrow on we are exploring Greenland. What a thought to have when going to sleep!