Sunday, 30 June 2013

Times that were, times that will be

Memories - the ultimate souvenir. Pictures can only be a support for our recollection of events, places, people. But nothing beats leaning back in a comfortable chair, looking into the skies with unfocusing eyes and letting the impressions drift by as they come. 
Certainly the ones who are leaving us today will do that, images of ice, whales, Greenlandic children, dogs, and marvellous landscapes forming a kaleidoscope of Arctic beauty. 

And as many it will be, that's what we hope, for all of those who arrived today, with their eyes and minds wide open, ready for adventure, ready for weather, ice and - well, Greenland.
We wish you a warm welcome here on MV FRAM. May the trip be a splendid one...
The beginning already is promising: After three days of a very rare phenomenon - rain, Kangerlussuaq presented itself sunny and with a fantastic visibility. So the first boat ride over to the ship was not as wet an episode as it sometimes can be, but merely a joyride. Check-in, jackets, dinner, safety drill and captain's welcome, all this happens under the influence of the great excitement - we are in Greenland!