Sunday, 16 June 2013

Kangerlussuaq, the gateway to – and out of Greenland

A sunny Sunday awaited us in Kangerlussuaq. +17 degrees Celsius was what the thermometer showed in Kangerlussuaq this last – and first - day of our Explorer cruise with MV Fram.
Kangerlussuaq airport. Photo Esther Kokmeijer
Our fantastic group that came onboard Fram a week ago the 9th June left us today after a week of exploring Greenland. It is always sad to say good bye especially when you’ve had a brilliant time together. All passengers leaving us went out on a 6 hour bus trip to the Inland Ice and will end their journey in Greenland hopefully having seen both reindeer and muskoxen on the bus trip through the lush hills of the Kangerlussuaq area.

The passengers arriving went straight to the harbor put on lifejackets and then onboard the PolarCirkel boats and direct to Fram, which was laying waiting for us in the turquoise green Kangerlussuaq Fjord.

Arriving on Fram. Photo Esther Kokmeijer
Before sailing out the 150 km. long Kangerlussuaq Fjord (Kangerlussuaq means “the long fjord” in Greenlandic), we took part of the mandatory safety drill. The motto for the crew onboard Fram is not without reason “responsible, generous and secure”.
Safety drill. Photo Esther Kokmeijer
Captain Rune Andreassen greeted us in the Obervation Lounge in the evening and now we sail out into the midnight sun to experience another week of exploring the Greenlandic nature and culture.  
Captains welcome. Photo Esther Kokmeijer