Friday, 21 June 2013

We join Greenland's National Day

June 21 is not only the longest day but also Greenland’s national day. The weather was excellent: the sun was shining most of the day and the wind was just strong enough to keep the mosquitoes away. It was thus an excellent frame for visiting the Ilulissat Ice Fiord (since 2004 a UNESCO world Heritage site) and celebrating the national day.

The Fram guests were informed about the significance of the day to Greenland and the Greenlanders and already from you entered the restaurant you were aware that it was a special day as Greenlandic flags decorated the room.

During the day the Fram guests celebrated the national day in Ilulissat. The activities ranged from kayak performance and traditional dancing to songs by a local choir and an open air concert.

Many guests took the opportunity to combine participation in these activities with hiking to Sermermiut or Holms Bakke or they enjoyed the spectacular Ilulissat Ice Fiord by boat.

In the evening the Observation Lounge was decorated with Greenlandic flags and a flag made out of marzipan was covering a huge layer cake. A highlight was a presentation of the Greenlandic drum dance tradition and a mask dance performance.