Saturday, 22 June 2013

Listen to our Trainee, please.

Today our landing was in Itilleq. After a night/morning with rough sea, we arrived around 13:00 hours in the small village. The trip with the Polar Cirkel boats was a bit wet, but we made it and went ashore. Here the locals had arranged Kaffemik for us all around the village. Kaffemik is a Greenlandic tradition where cake, coffee and tea are served at events such as birthdays, weddings and so on.  

During the afternoon a football match was played by the MV FRAM staff/guests and the locals from Itilleq. Even though it was windy, wet and cold, our team won! First time this season! The score ended at 9-8 to the MV FRAM team, very nice. J
Back onboard, we spent some time in the Observation Lounge, the Captains farewell cocktail and our auction for the benefit of Greenlandic children was held there. A nice goodbye to the amazing people we have been traveling with for the past week, I always think it is sad to say goodbye.

My name is Majken Anning Andreassen, I have been a trainee onboard since the end of May and my internship will end in the middle of July. I am from Tasiilaq on the east coast of Greenland, but I study a tourism management education in Qaqortoq, Southgreenland.
Majken, sitting in the boat, on her way to Itilleq
So far I have loved (almost) every second of my time here. This is my first time on a ship, and my stomach has apparently still not gotten use to the rough seas. So the seasickness is the only negative thing during my time here.