Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Uummannaq and Ukkussisat - here we are again!

In the early morning we arrived in Uummannaq. The “Heart Mountain” was clearly seen under a very blue sky. The fjords have been filled with lots of icebergs in various amazing shapes, just the best conditions for our ice cruising and our trip to the historical settlement of Qilakitsoq. Here they found in the 1970th eight mummies, six women and two babies. They are the oldest and best preserved human remains out of the Thule Culture in the whole Arctic. You can see the mummies in the National Museum in Nuuk now.

Other guests explored the nice city by themselves or joined a talk with a native fisherman and hunter. Those they wanted to stretch their legs went on a hike to the Christmas hut.

In the evening we met our friends in Ukkussisat again. They were waiting for us already at the pier, ready to come on board FRAM to sing and dance for us and with us.  Later on we explored the little village. A nice “Kaffemik” was even prepared for us in the community house.

The surroundings of Ukkussisat have been perfect for kayaking too. It was nice to see our yellow and red kayaks gliding through the water in the evening sun.