Monday, 18 July 2011


Why is it that much of the most breath taking scenery on the planet is found in some of the remotest hard-to-get-to places on earth?  Such is the case with Prins Christian Sund.  At 07:00 we entered the 55 mile meandering channel.  Tortured, jagged mountains on either side of the ship ripped blue patches into the sky. Each turn in the channel brought a new spectacle and a renewed sense of astonishment.  What is it about the combination of towering mountains, waterfalls, reflective seas, icebergs and blue skies that causes the jaw to drop?  It seems to be a universal thing.  Transfixed people stood with open mouths on the outside decks throughout the morning.  Nearly everyone wished for bigger memory cards for their camera.
Just before 13:30 we arrived at the tiny community of Aappilattoq probably the most picturesque community in all of Greenland.  Certainly it should be a contender for the most scenic village in the world.  I don't exaggerate. 
There was a confirmation in the village today so many people were wearing their best clothes and perhaps already in a celebratory mood.  The villagers welcomed us with enthusiasm.  There were tea, coffee and cakes available in the school.  Children demonstrated folk dances in the village centre. Many people were deeply moved when the choir sang on the front steps of the church.  It was a powerful experience and one that is difficult to describe.  
Just behind the village, huge chunks of ice were stranded on the beach at low tide.  It was wonderful to walk right up to the beautiful blue mini-icebergs.  These photographs would be this year's Christmas cards. 
It was an inspiring day. Everyone was savouring their brief moments here. We were all reluctant to leave.  But inevitably at 17:30, it was time for the last Polar Cirkel boat to leave. We waved good-bye and it seemed as if the whole village waved back.
It was absolutely the best possible way to end our great adventure in Greenland.  Ahead, new adventure awaits.  We still have lots to discover in Iceland!