Sunday, 24 July 2011

Jan Mayen

Finally it’s the day for visiting Jan Mayen. This very unusual little Island with the volcano and its glaciers. Onboard we have lectures that been working on Jan Mayen during their time as researchers. We first had a day full of lecture before our visit Jan Mayen. That made us more curious about this place. And we also knew a lot about the basics about the Island.

Five a clock we prepared for the landing. It’s a beautiful day with almost no wind. We arrange to get every guest ashore. We first hade a visit to the main station and then further down to the weather station were we got information about the station and the things that they do research about and information about how the station is functioning and the main task with this weather station. Both building - stations had flag at half mast for the tragic attack that hit their country.

Some of us went on a longer walk together with our lectures that earlier had their own research on Jan Mayen. So we really had a god opportunity to learn about this island and about the unic place. And also about the volcano and the glaciers around it.

After a couple of hours we went back to the ship and started to go for Longyearbyen. During our way out we also had the chance to see the volcano as the clouds eases up. This really was over our expectations. On our way out with FRAM we also spotted a couple of Minky whales playing around. A lot of birds following the ship on our way north…

We leaving Jan Mayen in a beautiful weather.
The Vulcano and the top of it with the sunny sky.