Monday, 11 July 2011

The Reasons for Travel

Air Greenland Kangerlussuaq Airport      (click image to enlarge)
At 18:15 our Air Greenland charter jet touched down at the Kangerlussuaq airport.  We were finally in Greenland!  Inside the small terminal the Expedition Team from Fram was there to greet us and then immediately escort us outside to our waiting motor coaches.  It was a short twenty minute ride through the rugged and rocky hills along Kangerlussuaq Fjord to where Fram lay anchored.
We were each issued a life jacket and then in groups of eight we boarded the small Polar Cirkel boats for a brisk ride to the ship.  Once on board the ship we were very efficiently issued I.D. cards and then escorted to our cabins.
In the dining room there was an excellent buffet ready for us.  It was the first of many meals that we would enjoy prepared by chef Eirik Larsen and his team. After that, all we had to do is kick back, relax and watch the magnificent scenery of Kangerlussuaq Fjord roll by.

There are many reasons that people travel for a vacation:  to escape from the mundane or from a stress-filled work place, to experience what others have not or to go where few people have gone, to expand one's lexicon of experience or to discover the romance and adventure in life, perhaps to experience freedom and spontaneity.  People's reasons for traveling to Greenland are many and they are personal. What everyone take's with them at the end of this journey will also be personal and unique. One thing is for sure, now that you are on board Fram, we will do everything we can to make sure you have a great travel experience.