Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Sea Ice

Longyearbyen welcome us with so much sea ice that we have to turn north. We continued to Krossfjord and had some good looks at the glaciers there. Lilliehøøkbreen among one of them. The day after, we went ashore on Ny Ålesund. There we learned a lot about the town today. All the science that they work on. The different countries that operate here in this fabulous place. But we also learned about the old days with the mining.

In the afternoon we continued to Kongsfjorden and went ashore on Gravnestet and had a small hike. Here we had a chance to we Rose gull that is a rare bird. But also when we exit the fjord we saw a female polar bear with a baby.

In the evening we went for Moffen and 80 degree north. There was a small heard of male walrus here. And we stayed in the midnight sun for an hour. Today we again go for Longyearbyen and now we need to get in. because the cruise is ending and the guests will leave tonight. If we have the chance we will land at Skansebukta. But only if we have the time. It all comes to how much sea ice there is in Is fjord. We end up with barbeque on deck tonight entering and slowly cruising in the ice fjord toward Longyearbyen.