Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Qeqertarsuaq                    (click image to enlarge)
Our first full day on board Fram was full of interesting activities: icebergs, lectures, fantastic scenery, wild flowers and even whales!  Not bad for a start!
In the morning at 09:30 we all attended a mandatory safety drill.  It was quite an interesting process to see what we would have to do and where we would have to go in the case of an emergency.  We were all assembled in our muster stations on deck five and every single passenger was quickly and efficiently checked off a manifest.  The whole procedure happened very quickly. It was obvious that all of the crew was well rehearsed.
The rest of the morning was filled with information about our route and about the many excursions for which we could opt.
In the afternoon it was time to exercise our minds and attend some informative lectures on Greenland.  At 16:15 we were invited to the Observation Lounge for a cocktail and a welcome address by Captain Arild Hårvik.
At 18:00 we dropped anchor in the beautiful natural harbour  in Qeqertarsuaq.  In the early evening light the surrounding cliffs looked incredible.  We usually arrive in the early afternoon so it was nice to be here a little later in the day.  We set off in groups on a hike to the Valley of the Wind.  Our goal was to reach a pretty waterfall about 45 minutes away.  After ten minutes of walking we arrived to a dark sandy beach.  Not far offshore lay many beautiful icebergs.  About 500 metres off shore several Humpback Whales were spotted.  Continuing on to the waterfall it was evident that it is still prime season for the wild flowers of Greenland.
And now for those of you that follow the blog regularly, The Canada Goose Update.  When we arrived at the waterfall the nest was empty and the geese had gone. Just last week there were 2 adults and three tiny fluffy yellow goslings.  Good luck to the geese!  We hope the youngsters survive.
Meanwhile, back at the ship, the hotel staff prepared a really great barbeque.  It was ready for us when we returned from the hike.  What a superb way to wrap up the day.