Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It Takes Work to Create Rest

Left to right:  Jasmin, Olive and Janet
It will take approximately two days for us to cross the Denmark Strait on our way from Greenland to Iceland.  Two days to rest from our many landings and excursions in Greenland.  Two days to start sorting through photographs and memories.  Two days to catch on reading and napping.  Two days to make use of many of the ship's facilities such as the gym with the best view in the world, the sauna, the jacuzzis or the Observation Lounge and Bar.  Or two days to broaden your mind and attend the ongoing lecture series. Behind the scenes, the ship's complement is working hard to make sure your rest and the other activities you choose to do, go as smoothly as possible. 
In the first photograph are three of our hard working dining room staff.  You will also find them sometimes in the Observation Lounge serving drinks and at other times making sure cabins are clean.  
In the second photo is Henson.  Henson is part of the large staff in the galley.  He helps to make sure the buffet is constantly supplied and does much of the cooking for the crew.
We are a merry team of 83 people with many different functions ranging from Captain, to Chef, to Engineer, to Expedition Team, to Laundry man. 
If you don't notice us, it is because we work as a team and everyone is doing their job well.