Thursday, 19 March 2009

Crossing the Equator

Yesterday at 07:13:27 local time (GMT-1) Fram crossed the Equator at 00*00'08'' N and 029*08'723'' W. In this very moment Fram had sailied a total of 139905.6 nautical miles since she left Fincantieri in Monfalcone 26.03.07.

This was the 4th crossing in 2 years and as tradition call we were visited by King Neptun and his lovely wife. All crew not able to put forward a valid certificate had to be baptized in order to satisfy the king. All in all 21 crew were caught by Neptunes police, examined by the doctor, recieved medication from the nurse, had a shave and a massage from the hair dresser and a nice wash by the bosun before they were found lawfull members of Neptunes kingdom.
Nice with a little break in the daily routine onboard. Ever since we bunkered in Montevideo we have seen nothing but sea and now and then another vessel in the distance.