Friday, 6 March 2009

Where is everybody??

Strange how quiet it suddenly is onboard after a hectic season with fully booked sailings!!! Guess it takes a few days for us to get used to having passengers onboard. We are going empty, non-stop, north towards Las Palmas where we will arrive on the 23rd this month. Well... perhaps not totally non-stop. In a few days we will take bunkers in Montevideo before we start to cross the Atlantic. Right now we are having Argentina on our port side and passing the beautyfull Falklands on our starboard.
After breakfast we all started to do all the things that still has to be done. The girls in the reception, Line and Tina, started packing down all the Antarctic stuff in order top make room for all the Greenlandic books and maps and movies in the expedition leaders office.
Right before lunch things went a bit out of hands and suddenly Line was wrapped up in a box and on her way to the store.
Ivar, our thoughtfull electrician, gave her chips and Kjell, our Hotel Manager, gave her chocolates before she was sent off!