Sunday, 29 March 2009

Lights! Lights would be good here!

We have moved our tour all the way to Deck 7 today,where a very interesting piece of work is being done at the moment. We are innstalling new "ice-search lights". As MV FRAM operates most of the year in polar waters the ice search light is a very important tool for our navigators.
The spesifications of the search light is: The brand is Norselight 1600 W, and the light strenght is 60 000 Lumen, an average lightbulb has 500 Lumen. The range of the light is approx 7 km.

Sunday is a bit quiter day at the yard. The amount of yard workers onboard was a lot less today. But we are sure the spanish/italian invasion is back with full force tomorrow. Our engine boys were still going strong as the picture portrays.