Saturday 17 April 2010

In the grip of the volcano

This is no sea day like any other, we are all absorbed by one singular subject at the moment: The eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland; not only that it is a fascinating phenomenon in itself, it largely affects the forthcoming of our whole operation. All the flights south of Bodø (which is very far north) are cancelled, none of the current group of guest will get a flight home. The options are scarce, hotel rooms in Oslo are more or less booked, trains are a way of moving on but it is certainly a good idea to have a seat reserved. And nobody is able to tell when the situation will get any more relaxed. Quite many are simply stuck. Some passengers resort to a very original solution - they book another passage on FRAM… Considering the hotel room prices in Oslo, this will probably even come out cheaper.
Those who were supposed to arrive tomorrow are also being rerouted. Since many of them are Norwegians we tend to hope that at least a large portion of them might arrive. English and French guests will hopefully join in Stockholm since this is the next possible destination in train's and ferry's reach.
Any relatives at home - we will keep you informed here, of course. But so far be assured: we had such a splendid journey that the spirit is still at a superb level and the smiles all around are genuine and relaxed. It is always a wise thing to accept nature's turns as fate and start from there…
Last update!: We will provide a bus transfer to all who want it, either to Calais (British guests), or Copenhagen (French guests, with option to Paris). It is still a logistical challenge, but Karin and Fiona don't rest until everybody is taken care of. So it will take a little longer to go home, but it'll be home at last. Thanks for remaining patient and brave!