Friday 8 October 2010

Halifax…at long last

Although everybody is sad that the voyage is now coming to an end…many of us were indeed happy to see the harbour of Halifax at long last in the late afternoon. Relieved that the rolling of the ship finally stopped. At our last sea day, the wind and waves hit us hard, an average 8 on the Beaufort scale, occasionally rising to a 12. The last opportunity to get seasick and many were caught off guard – we had almost forgotten that we are on a ship!
The sea was too rough for lectures, so passengers were invited to meet the expedition staff directly in the cafeteria for any questions. Some of the guests enjoyed sun and wind on the outside decks and others took the chance to play scrabble and other games.
Just before arriving and when the sea smoothed down, all of us gathered in the Observation Lounge for the Farewell Cocktail with Captain Rune Andreassen. The renowned MS Fram choir formed by all members of the crew resulted in a few tears and hundreds of photos.
And now… it is time to pack, to change email addresses, to say good-bye…and to maybe explore our last destination: Halifax by night!