Sunday, 24 October 2010

MV Fram Olympic Games

Now we are at 17o51'S 037o03'W and outside temperature is 25oC.

As you maybe remeber from last crossing, we arrange the MV Fram Olympic Games. This we have started also on this trip. Both crew and passengers are participating. Belive me, there is a high sound level on cheering in all the different groups; "Heia heia heia....."

Changing clothes

Rona and Russel where the winners. Nice dress Russel!

Musti and Sunday where the winner of the Aple eating competion.
Must where eating, Sunday "just" holding it!
Hamburger eating
The whole Hamburger  where eaten - Benedict was the big hero!
Ready for trowing the water ball..... water glove.....

Restaurant, Galley and Engine in hard competition.