Friday 22 October 2010


We are now on the Southern atmosphere, at 9o05'S 34o47'W, light skye's and 28oC.

13 crew members and 8 passengers, have been baptized on board Fram, for crossing the Equator Line. Some of the new crewmembers were really skeptic about this traditional baptism.

Captain & Navigation Officer checking the position
King Nepthune & his Queen
Sometimes pictures can say more than one thousand words.....

Passenger Janet meet Nepthune's Barber
Janet's best shower ever

Justine, are you skeptic or nervous??

This is great, now they will belong into our family!

Chief Purser Musti was one of the lucky one.....
Justine & Benedict last in line....


At the end Victor, the AB,  in charge of shower all crew and passengers,
had to shower himselves.

Everyone thought it was over - but the Barber had a little bit left!