Wednesday, 20 October 2010


At 06.24.36 am this morning we crossed the Equator line, and at this moment we are 00o45'S 036o47'W. The outside temperature is 29oC.

Raymund and Jimmy in first game,
single match Table tennis

Last night we finnished our tournament in Table Tennis. Raymund Montemayor lost the single match against our Navigation Officer James Clyde.

Clyde also participate in our double Table Tennis conntest, together with our Captain, Rune Andreassen. They where both very tense and serious, and they stood together and won. No they are both very proud and a happy team on the bridge.

Champion double Table Tennis
Bridge Team; Clyde and Rune

Our Pushball competition is maybe the competition which make most noice. The participants are so into the game; sceeming, cheering, and shouting. And it's a hectical time for the participants. Elmer presenting the restaurant and Electrician Mats became the proud winners.

Winners; blue team Elmer and Mats (on left side)

Miko; one of the
Welfare organizers - always smiling! 

Please follow our blog. Our next element will be from the Equator Baptism........