Monday 7 February 2011

Another Penguin Day

In the morning we reached the Fish Islands, a group of very tiny islands. Adelie Penguins were breeding all over. At ten o‘clock we started our landing on one of these small islands. It was a very special feeling to stand between all the Adelie Penguins. The chicks were standing in the Kindergarten and were protected by some adults. After the landing Anja, our Expedition leader, gave us the possibility for a short boat cruise between the icebergs and floating sea ice. Several Crab eater seals were resting on the ice and that gave us the possibility to watch at a very close distance. From the waterline we have been able to look directly into their eyes – a really an unforgettable experience.

In the afternoon FRAM headed north and we attended afternoon lectures. The weather has not been good and this time, we had wind and snow, so we had no good reason not to learn something new in one of the lectures.

In the evening we had our very, very well-known fashion show on board. Officers, crew, staff and even some passengers were the models. Our youngest model, Thieu Quang, 9 years old, came from Vietnam to participate. Everybody had a lot of fun and will never ever forget this special show.