Thursday 24 February 2011

Drake Lake or Drake Shake…

…that is always the question whenever we start our crossing! This time everything and everybody was prepared for the full storm – however, in the morning, we were surprised by a fairly smooth sea!! So at least the first half of the feared passage could be done in a rather pleasant way and certainly nobody will complain about this change of weather – on the contrary, we are all delighted!

We had time to once more re-live our experiences in Antarctica and/or to enhance our knowledge about this fascinating place. Either by just sitting and dreaming in the comfortable chairs of the Observation Lounge, by sorting out photos on the laptop, by reading books on the subject or by simply attending one of the interesting lectures.  And of course, at the end of the day, Karsten, our photographer showed a selection of his best pictures.

Francis and Erman - our barmen (but they are also good in making delicious waffles!)

In fact it is a good thing to have a few days of relax and digest before returning to our routine lives back at home. The contrast would be too immense if we had to go straight – so after all, at least the Drake LAKE is very welcome!
And today we had the rescheduled question round!