Saturday, 12 March 2011

Calm and Collected

Today we are at sea heading northwest on our transit to Buenos Aires. There are only a few small wind waves from an easterly direction and the FRAM is motoring along quite smoothly with a gentle following wind.
Lectures filled our day and we learned about Life at Port Lockroy, Rounding Cape Horn, Krill, most enjoyably how Penguins have infiltrated our culture, our comics and our clothes.
Two events in the Observation Lounge brought us together today. First we had the ships auction, where the ships flag and the Captains chart of the voyage were bid on by our passengers. The funds collected are passed directly to several non-governmental organizations such as the Antarctic Heritage Trust, the South Georgia Heritage Trust and BirdLife International. Our second event was a wildlife identification quiz where our passengers had to identify species of animals (and humans!) on 28 different photos shown as a slide show.
We conclude the blog of today with a series of pictures of the crew show that took place some days ago in the evening. You will see the great variety of hidden talents we have amongst our personnel!

Elmer juggling
The Philippine's national dance Tinikling performed by Justin,
Sherry Ann, Eric, Elmer, Michael and Barry
Erman: he is not only an excellent singer but also a great presenter of the show
Pineappleman Alfred
Ballroom dancers Justin and Gilbert
The Bawakis Dancers: Peter Ryan, Mervin, Erwin, Elmer and Roger
The famous MV Fram Sexballs: Barry, Roger, Ray, Resty and Peter Ryan
And finally the Russian Maids: William, Henson, Chino and Michael