Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A typical sea day on FRAM

Some passengers sort their photos or
chat with friends...

... others study the information
on our board... is also an option...

...and playing games is popular, too!

Today, once more, we have the opportunity to see how life on board our ship is perceived by our guests from Port Lockroy:

"The ‘Port Lockroy Girls’ (aka Hen and Nikki) have been thoroughly enjoying the company of fellow FRAM passengers. It’s been wonderful talking to everyone onboard and sharing the first experiences of visiting the outstandingly beautiful island of South Georgia. It is also our first time visiting the Falkland Islands, which is tomorrow! There is a real buzz about the ship with people recalling the amazing sights of the last few days, and looking ahead to further wildlife adventures.
Meanwhile, on board Fram during the sea days we have been getting to know people from lots of different countries; a large number are from Germany and Great Britain, and also passengers from North America, Australia, Japan, Norway, France, Italy and South Africa! It is such a lovely atmosphere here, helped by the fact that the buffet dinners (on days where there are landings), allow for everyone to change tables and mix together. As always, the food has been spectacular – we are particularly amazed at how the salad stays so fresh and crispy!

The friendly and expert Expedition Team have been working hard at ensuring we are fully prepared for our time ashore – with fascinating talks just today on geo-politics and the abundant wildlife of the Falkland Islands, so that we can recognise various species, learn more about the background of the islands, and make the most of our time here.
We have had a spot or two of sunshine today, but mostly calm waters and the fog has descended. The seabirds, including many black-browed albatross, have been circling the ship, and Manuel and Petra have been capturing and releasing some of the smaller birds that have decided to take a ‘rest’ on board Fram! Expedition Leader Anja has hinted at sunshine for our time in Stanley, together with a potential balmy high of 15 degrees Celsius! We are all looking forward to stretching our legs in the ‘Big Town’ and departing on various excursions. "