Wednesday 9 March 2011

Summertime in Port Stanley

The weather in the morning did not seem to be very promising. The Falkland Island’s coast was hidden in fog and drizzly rain when FRAM approached Port Stanley. But… luckily it did not last too long and finally the sun managed to come through and we could enjoy a truly nice summer day. Well, summer for us, who come from Antarctica and to whom 17°C or 55° F seems almost tropical!

Throughout the day, we joined one of the several excursions or explored Stanley and surroundings on our own. In the city we had the chance to visit the cathedral, go to the very interesting and varied museum or to enjoy a good pint of beer in one of the very British pubs. We also found plenty of souvenir shops that offer penguins in all colours and shapes: on stamps, on mugs, as necklaces, as cuddly puppets, as backpacks, on socks, underwear… and even toilet paper!

Now FRAM has set sails again and some dolphins accompanied us for a while as we were heading westwards to some smaller islands which we plan to visit tomorrow.
Magellanic Penguins... a new species of penguin!

Diddle-Dee and Bolax - vegetation at
long last!

The typical Upland Geese