Friday 6 April 2012

Bumpy, but not so bumpy

At night, the Bay of Biskay finally awakes and some of us with her. Quite a few hefty shakes and jerks, accompanied by thundering noises. That's our brave ship, ploughing through the waves, needn't worry! Rather let yourself go, your bed's a cradle, and enjoy the rocking!
So the morning greets a sea day with a little more spice, but nonetheless the lectures are well attended. Especially the briefing for tomorrow, since it is going to be a special day - the English Channel Islands are the only place on this trip where we have the chance to use our Polar Cirkel Boats. That calls for instructions on how to get in and out, how to put your life jacket, how not to get your fingers squashed, how not to drop your camera in the water, and so on. You can tell by the silence of the audience that excitement is growing.
But only here and only now, apart from that it is a sea day after all. And so we focus again on two things, relaxing, even if the outer decks are a little windswept - and food. Again. But have a look at these fine dishes and you know why the expedition team has such satisfied grins in their faces.
To help a little with getting bigger, we introduce a surplus delicacy - in the middle of the afternoon the beguiling smell of waffles lures everybody into the observation lounge. Fresh and warm they are, worth a sin! 
Oh, and not to forget the preparation for Easter! Many hands handle eggs and paint throughout the day, falling back into childhood days. Two days to go, time is speeding up.
Night has fallen, the sea calmed down, indicating the entrance of the English Channel. So off to bed, we're going to have an early start tomorrow!