Thursday 26 April 2012

The Place without Land

The day breaks with a gray light emerging directly from snakelike clouds that seem to follow us, here and there pierced by rays of sunlight. The sea is gently rocking our ship, and we make a good speed of more than 13 knots. Somewhere in the distance must be land, that's what the map says, Denmark to our starboard side, England and beyond to our port side.
A sea day. Most relaxing when you embrace it as the perfect opportunity to let the speed and bustle of every-day's life behind you, enjoy the slow movement and the omnipresent patience of the ocean. What about a good read in a quiet corner, what about writing a letter? Or what about - doing nothing...?
Choosing the more educative option, the lecture theaters are full of curious guests who want to learn about cloudberries and Trolls, stave churches, the very old past of Norway, UNESCO or our future destinations. We actually even have to enlarge the seating space, so many are coming!
A sea day, however, is also the time to wander around the ship and have a closer look here and there. Many of our returning friends on board notice the differences since the last time, before FRAM went to dry dock. Some of them are more visible, like the more streamlined shape around the observation lounge and the shiny new paint, others are not visible at all, like the renewed bow thrusters or the miles of cable and pipes that have been replaced as a routine.
Something for the dancers: the wooden panels in the Observation Lounge, wonderfully decorated with a pattern of symbolized driftwood, has been totally refurbished; it looks so nice you almost hesitate to step on it...
The dinner is seated, that means spending a good time of the evening in the nice restaurant over a three-course meal, chatting the time away and looking forward to our upcoming destinations.

Tomorrow, bright and early, we will enter the scenic Lysefjord around the time of sunrise. So, either listen to Bjørn playing in the Lounge, or getting a good nights sleep. Up to you, folks!