Friday 7 February 2014

Lemaire Channel & Yalour Islands

We left Neko this morning around 07.30, right after the campers were back on board. We had a calm day before lunch and people were enjoying the beautiful scenery as we went through the Lemaire Channel. As we entered the channel the clouds broke up and we had sun and blue sky pretty much the rest of the day. In the channel there was plenty of wildlife, we saw a lot of Crabeater seals and several Humpback whales.

Around 14.00 we arrived at todays landing sight, Yalour Islands. It´s a small group of islands with a wonderful scenery surrounding it and several small colonies with Adelie penguins spread around the Island. The kayak group had wonderful conditions during their tour between small islands and big icebergs and the cruising group could enjoy a close encounter with several Humpback whales. The Humpbacks  put on a fantastic choreographed display for the lucky cruisers.

In the evening we headed south. According to plan we will cross the Antarctic Polar Circle tomorrow!