Friday 28 February 2014


Our day started early in the morning. Snow was falling from the sky just like Christmas Eve. MS Fram sailing through Antarctic waters full of fabulous icebergs. The scenic from the ship was incredible.

Around 9.30 am we were able to do our second landing in Antarctic mainland. Almirante Brown is an Argentine base located in the beautiful Paradise Bay. A large group of Gentoo penguins and one Adelie penguin were the main wildlife attraction on land. In the water, some of us could see Crabeater seals and Minke whales near the shore. Brown is not also a great point to encounter wildlife but also a place to have lot of fun sliding down a 90 meters hill.

During the afternoon, we had the plan to land in Port Lockroy, but the wind was too strong. As we could not reach the base, the postcards that were supposed to be delivered in a few months are going to be delivered by November this year.

However, the day didn’t end like this. As a matter of time, we had the opportunity to sail through the famous Lemaire Channel. The cruising along the channel was full of Minke whales and penguins. There must have been a lot of krill in the area.