Tuesday 18 February 2014


The day welcomed us with snow cops falling from the sky. An incredible way to get out of our warm beds.
After having breakfast, the second landing of the trip went on. The people from the Chilean base station “Frei” were waiting for our visit. Frei is a permanent station where almost 70 people live year-round. Aproximately at 9.30 am the first groups get into the polar circle boats to reach the coast of the station, located in King George Island. We were also able to visit a Russian station, called Bellingshausen.

A catholic and a Russian churchs and a research center with fossils were the most attractive places to visit during the landing.
During the landing, some of us could enjoy nature from a closer view by kayaking. 

This amazing day ended with the Fram sailing through Deception island, originated by volcanic activity. During whaling time (18th and 19th centuries) Deception island had the biggest whaling station. Nowadays there are only the remainings of this station: huge tanks where whalers stored whale oil, some houses and a hangar.