Sunday 2 February 2014

Reflecting on reflections

On this our last cruising day, we listened to numerous lectures from the expedition team from the early exploration and discovery of Antarctica, from the continents geological origin, from Cormorants and their significant impact on the world, from diving adaptations of sea mammals, and from cooking in Antarctica (with the very limited ingredients). Some thought provoking topics to take away with us on our long journeys home.

As we approached land the Captain bid us farewell in the observation lounge and this was followed by some hot bidding for our MV Fram charity auction. Proceeds from todays auction will go to the Antarctic Heritage Trust to keep up the good work that we witnessed first hand during this trip.

Land rapidly approached in the form of Cape Horn, the Captain took the ship close enough for us to see clearly the Albatross Monument as well as the hundreds of birds feeding in the sea and nesting in the cliffs.

Overnight we will pick up our pilot and travel up the Beagle Channel to our final destination and starting point: Ushuaia.

What an incredible voyage!!!! Words cannot describe, seeing is believing..... See you next time!!