Friday, 9 March 2012


Hummm......early morning wake up by the wake up master Anja and out of the vessel before 7 AM to visit Carcass Island.  Carcass Island is located on the northernmost part of the Falkland Archipelago and is one of the places that is rat free.  There are many birds, extremely tame on this place and particularly worth to mention the Cobbs Wren an endemic species to the Falklands/Malvinas. Which is not rare here but rare elsewhere.  This area is a great place for birding here we observed birds like the Blackish Cinclodes, the Magallanic Oystercatcher, Steamer Ducks, Ruddy-headed Geese, etc. Some went along the shore line while others went for a hike up the hills but at the end almost everyone converged at the Carcass settlement for a cup of tea and a fantastic assortment of cookies. Yammi, Yammi, Yammi.

Cookies eaten by the Dutch party-Photo: Anke Timmerberg

Striated Caracara - Photo: Anke Timmerberg

As soon as we departed the sky became dark and rain came along. We did the landing at the right time. Then we started the move northward to Buenos Aires. The rest of the day we went to some lectures and the other activities offered on board.

Blackish Cinclodes - Photo: Anke Timmerberg