Monday, 12 March 2012

Yet another sea day as we are smoothly sailing towards Buenos Aires.

The trip is coming to an end and today we were confronted by our Hotel Manager with cruel reality: we all need to enroll into a fitness studio or a weight-watching program as soon as we come home!
Here are the shocking figures of what we consumed during the voyage:
- 200 kg of cheese
- 600 kg of potatoes
- 1,200 kg of fish and seafood
- 1,500 kg of meat
- 5,000 eggs
- 900 litres of milk
- 1000 litres of beer (yes, more beer than milk…!)

…and last but not least: 130 cakes…!

Now, we all know that what comes in, also have to come out. And therefore: at least 2,5 km of toilet paper had to be used…
Nevertheless, one thing is for sure: the consumption of seasickness tablets was considerably lower than on most of our voyages!

Fotos by Anke Timmerberg