Friday, 16 March 2012

Couting, counting, counting

No, we do not mean the counting of nautical miles...We know that it will be quite a while until we see land again. But only having the ocean around is also very tempting- so they say...

No matter where you looked today, it was busy everywhere. Little teams met up constantly during the day with our chief engineer Stian to get appointed to the areas that needed to be counted...   And so the day passed- attached you find a few pictures of the "lucky" ones that were counting the deepstore where among other things we store the beautiful blue explorer jackets! And also thanks to the deck department for helping out!! They moved 8.5tones of equipment alone in this store during two days and decided to skip the gym today :-)

For today, we introduce a very happy, always smiling member of the MV FRAM Crew:

Name: Jose Betita
Position: Cabin Steward
How long have you been working for Hurtigruten?
Since 2003- I started to work on MV Nordnorge.
How many times have you crossed the equator with a Hurtigruten ship?
12 times
What do you like best about equator crossings?Foods, baptism, games and relaxation.
What are your jobs now during the crossing? Is it a big difference to the normal routine?
General cleaning of all passengers cabins. Yes, this time we have to clean more thorougly because the cabins are empty.
Is there something you always bring with you on board?
My baptism certificate - if not, you will be baptaised again!