Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Today when we arrived in Buenos Aires just around 07:30am- it was already 21C and quite humid. Luckily we were not here yesterday when it just rained all day long! Group by group, depending on excursions everyone left the vessel to take the shuttle to the terminal building and then from here further on... Some went to the El Tigre Excursion, others took transfers to the hotels or have private arrangements. Buenos Aires is always worth a visit!

Here on Fram, it is now7pm, the sun sets, we have left Buenos Aires. Only crew remains on board and all passengers have disemarked. Now the busy crossing starts!

In the name of the entire crew and expedition team on board of Fram we would like to say thanks to all passengers that have cruised with us! Not only on the last trip, but also on all previous voyages! Thank you very much for following the blog and we do hope that in this way you have memories coming back from your voyages- or that you are looking forward in cruising with us in the future!

MV Fram team at West Point together with Mike